Welcome! North American Broadcasting Company, Inc. is a locally owned Central Ohio company established in 1957, delivering three diverse radio stations in the market, all targeting a different demographic. WRKZ (99.7 The Blitz), is Active/Mainstream Rock, WJKR-FM (103.9 Jack-FM) is an adult variety hits station, and WMNI-AM is America's Best Music with artists like Frank Sinatra, Barry Manilow and The Carpenters.

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North American Broadcasting has been recognized for its local community involvement with a 2014 "Corporate Caring Award" from Columbus Business First. North American Broadcasting--operators of WRKZ-FM, WJKR-FM and WMNI-AM--was given the award for small companies in the catagory of human services.

The radio stations were cited for thier work with numerous local charities and for their promotion of community services through thousands of free public service announcements throughout the year. Throughout 2013, the radio stations were involved in several major events in central Ohio.

North American Broadcasting is also proud to bring you Today's Healthy Man. Today's Healthy Man is a men's health initiative on the air and online to educate and promote healthy male living. Today's Healthy Man will discuss everything from men's medical issues, mental health, fitness, healthy eating and nutrition to men's lifestyle issues including finanacial, love, relationships and sex, and entertainment!

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