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WRKZ 99.7 The Blitz

99.7 The Blitz is WRKZ-FM Columbus Ohio. The Blitz is Active Rock with a target of Males 25-54. 




Listener Engagement

In recent years, many radio listeners have reported displeasure with what they call "Corporate Radio." They felt disconnected from their local radio stations because they know much of the programming is dictated by people who have no connection to Columbus. We decided to make a revolutionary, groundbreaking shift in how WRKZ is programmed. We let the listeners weigh in on how the station should sound. This True Listener Engagement empowered the community to create the rock station it wanted.

The Music

Radio survey data was used to construct The Blitz in 2010. Control questions were used in conjunction with demographic info to drill down listener data into a majority "ideal" rock station.
They answered questions about the "mix" of old vs. new and hard vs. soft music. They then listened to several "montages" of different music styles and rated them.
These music montage ratings were used to construct the top musical styles that listeners want to hear. The top 10 styles are listed below in order of preference. This is the core music for The Blitz.



Our Lineup

 Loper & Randi in the Morning
 Weekdays Mornings 6a -10a

News, Weather and Traffic with Kelly Quinn
 Sports with Producer Thick Rick




Mon. – Fri. 10am – 3pm
Sundays Noon – 6pm

> Metal Shop weekdays @ 1:20pm
> Local Stuff – Sundays @ 10pm

Ronni Hunter

Mon. – Fri. 3pm – 7pm
Saturdays Noon – 6pm

> Mandatory Metallica – Weeknights @ 6pm


Mon. – Fri. 7pm – 12am
Sundays 6pm – 12am

> Choose it or Lose It – Weeknights @ 8:20pm








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